Health, fitness and athleticism.


During your program you will have days or phases that focus a bit more on strength. Strength is the most important aspect as it has such a huge transfer to other areas of training. We make sure you make strength one of your top priorities.


This area is about improving your level of physical conditioning. This will include your aerobic and anaerobic capacities and is done with both cardiovascular as well as resistance training. Our primary goal with this program is to increase the  performance of the human body and add to your overall athleticism.


Functional training is designed to improve your everyday life in a more specific and targeted way than traditional gym exercises do. Due to the different equipment, it is varied and fun to perform. Quite often we will focus on a movement instead of a muscle group to create new exercises and challenges.


We know that some people find the gym boring and unoriginal. But as experts, we also know that all the equipment can be used in endless ways to keep your training fresh, exciting and challenging. Mixing it up is a big part of the Hybrid goal to keep you motivated and consistent.