A whole new experience

Helping you get the body you always wanted with fun and intelligent training.

The last gym you’ll need to join

Many people never reach their goals, even after years of training. Having a start-stop, inconsistent membership needs to be brought to a halt. Maybe you have experienced some of the common issues below.


Conflicting information from trainers and the internet means you’re never really sure that you’re doing the right thing.

Wasted time & money

The time, effort and money invested has gone to waste with previous memberships.

Lack of care

Gyms wanting your money, then forgetting about you. No real care about you or your results

Unqualified trainers

Trainers with no actual fitness education or qualifications. You end up putting yourself at risk.

Start your own personal journey.


We don’t just have trainers. We have fitness professionals to help and assist you. Fully invested in your progress.

So much fun

Unique, effective and massive fun. It will keep you interested and motivated to keep coming back

Lots of options

There is no ‘one size fits all’ in fitness. Everyone’s body is different and people enjoy different ways to train. 

Amazing support

We really want you to succeed and will always give advice that is in your best interest.

Personal Training Specialists

We only allow qualified trainers to take personal training. They also go through tough internal training making sure they can get you the best results. That is why we make GUARANTEES.


A scientifically backed program that is fully focused on burning fat. There are condition programs for both the Barbell Club and Gymnasium to suit the type of training you enjoy.


Our program to build lean muscle with phases of strength and muscle gain to make sure you’re not ‘all show and no go!’


Want to work on your general health and wellness? Hybrid takes you through a varied program that helps to improve many aspects of athleticism and health. Available in both the Barbell Club and Gymnasium.

Pure Strength

Want to get stronger? This Barbell Club only program will get it done. Feel the mental and physical benefits that come with increased strength.


Our space for group classes for those of you that love the change in atmosphere. Work out with friends or even make new ones.

Get our 10 point nutrition plan.

Changing your life isn’t just about training. We also need to give your food just as much attention. Leave your details opposite to download our top 10 nutritional tips to have the biggest impact possible.