Work at Invictus

Invictus Athletic Club

We are a gym that is always on the lookout for talented, driven and humble trainers to join our team.

We are a personal training facility that also allows memberships. We say this because there is such a high level of personal training throughout the membership.

Trainers at Invictus are some of the best you will find at any gym in the city and demonstrate a seriously high level of skill, communication and professionalism. That is what we demand and what is delivered to our members.

What is it like to work at Invictus?

It isn’t easy and it is not like working at any other gym.

Invictus has a framework in place for every trainer to follow and deliver which helps us maintain such high standards of service and results. No matter your experience level there will be an initial period of training where you will learn this framework.

We have many tools that help you deliver a great experience. Many of these will also help you do things faster and more efficiently so you can do more of what you do best…delivering sessions with your clients.

We invest a lot of time and money to help develop our trainers’ communication and knowledge such as:


  • Monthly in-person team training
  • Ad-hoc online training through videos
  • International mentors
  • Weekly meetings with our communications expert
  • Access to paid learning subscriptions
  • Guaranteed leave for useful/meaningful courses and workshops

Trainer requirements

To earn a position at Invictus you must have:

  • A high level of spoken English
  • A certification in the area of fitness training or personal training
  • A growth mindset with the willingness to learn and share knowledge
  • A humble attitude
  • A burning desire to be better each day
  • Self motivated to learn through reading articles, watching videos, listening to podcasts
  • Know the value of invvesting in your ownn growth, knowledge and skills
  • Ability to deliver on the detailed frameworks that are in place for trainers to deliver a high level of service and results


Trainer packages

The lowest tier package for our trainers starts at a flat salary of INR 35,000/- per month.

Trainer testimonials

Invictus has always given me an interesting, happy and competitive environment and opportunities to upgrade and learn skills.



At Invictus, the system is defined. It lets me focus on training and being organized so I can deliver the best for my clients.



I’m very happy to work at Invictus. I’m getting good vibes every day from all our staff, my clients & the members.



The one hour of personal training experience at Invictus is genius! I get to go through everything with my client.



It’s the environment that helps me to grow both professionally and personally.



Application Process

Send your resume to marc@clubinvictus.com  

Once we have taken a look you may be invited for an interview. In that intervview you will be set 3 assessments as well as a general chat. These will be:

  1. Theory test of basic training knowledge
  2. A practical assessment to guage your own training technique
  3. A personality assessment to help ensure you are a good fit

If you have proof of your track record then bring along any images or records of your clients successes.

Other positions

Trainers are not the only positions that might be available. Please contact us if you wish to work as a part of our Hospitality team.

Frequently asked questions

What would my monthly revenue target be?

We do not set revenue targets at Invictus. You are assessed each month on your ability and skills as a trainer, not a sales person.

In our opinion, revenue goals create a negative environment for trainers. The added pressure reduces actual performance and corners them to sell anything to anyone.

We are trusted advisors to our members and that trust is more important than selling a tub of protein for 3k. If a person doesn’t need it we will happily let them know so long as it is the right thing for them.

Also, revenue targets creaates a negative experience for our members. We do not want trainers consistenly harrassing members to take personal training and not helping if they don’t. Our gym is set up so all that goes away and we can focus on a quality experience for both our members and our trainers.

What will be my charges for personal training?

That depends on you and what level you will fall at within the team.

However, our current lowest price trainers are INR 14,000/- and this goes up to INR 25,000/-.



When do I get paid?

We know that most gyms do not like to pay their trainers on time. That is because they to not unnderstand the value of a great team of trainers to their business, so they do not look after their trainers properly.

You will be paid on or before the 5th of each month via bank transfer. Our accountants will take care of any tax or contribution amounts that you are required to pay by law.


Yes! In your first year you can get up to 21 days paid leave. It must be approved first and there is a small process to apply.


Like we said, we do not set a revenue taarget, but instead, we look at your performace as an actual trainer.

We look at areas such as your retention of clients, the level of results your clients get and the quality of the content you will need to create.

You monthly score is added to that of your team where you can gain a bonus each month if your team wins.


Being certified is great! But that doesn’t automatically mean you will be a good trainer. And most PT courses miss out on a lot of knowledge that is needed to succeed as a personal trainer.

If you are selected, you will be shown many new things, such as amazing consultations, high-level communication skills, writing professional programs and much more.

It is also how we maintain a consistent level of service to all our clients no matter who the trainer is.