Personal Training

The best way to experience Invictus is by working with a coach. After all, it was set up to give you the best chance of success.

Unqualified trainers

Many trainers working without the correct training or knowledge on how to coach.

No Plan

Personal training is more than you turning up and being given a workout with a trainer.

No tracking

Not having your performance or progress recorded leaves you in the dark.

Invictus is a data-driven gym.

Starting off we rely on the information you provide us to create a custom plan. This takes into account your goals, your experience, your body, your preferences and more.

As we start to work, small modifications and changes are made as we get to see your performance and progress. Knowing these things let us make better decisions. 

We do this by recording every set you perform, taking regular assessments and holding monthly check-ups and reviews so we can always put our best foot forward.

How personal training works

  • Detailed consultation
  • Goal-based assessment
  • Create your roadmap
  • Focus on technique and intensity
  • Track performance and progress
  • Be held accountable
  • Review and refine the roadmap
  • Train efficiently
  • Train effectivly
  • Hit your goals

"I tried working out on my own but never got anywhere. I started with a trainer at Invictus and I'm training properly, with good technique, but most important I'm getting the work done.

– Sunil M

…and many more…

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